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// guitars, vocals


Jack comes from a little seaside town just north of Boston and was raised on a steady diet of Beatles, Stones & Kinks. He picked up the guitar as a teenager and right away started pissing off the neighbors. He went on to play in various garage rock outfits throughout the 1980s. Music was always important but took a backseat as young Jack began to establish himself and his professional career in the 1990s. There were jams now & then but mostly his Fender Telecaster slept quietly under the bed. Then due to a global economic downturn late in the 1st decade of the 21st century, Jack had some time on his hands and decided that the time had come to wake his sleeping electric guitar and annoy the neighbors all over again. He reached out to some other like minded souls and The 7CS were born!



// guitars, vocals


Mike was born in The Bronx, played rock in high school, jazz in college and was abducted by aliens and came back as an engineer.  

His heroes include Steve Howe, Neil Young, Al Dimeola, Larry Carlton, and Chris Duarte. 

Mike has been writing music for the last 40 years, performing for the last 12 years. 


When he is not making noise, he works his fingers to the bone writing code, studies karate and is searching for a cure for being an engineer. 



// keyboards


Playing Hammond B3 and piano, Don blends rock and blues influences into an energetic, positive sound.  

Always aiming for the right mix of new songs, cover songs and live atmosphere that makes a 7CS show a rockin’ escape from it all.


// drums


Dave began his musical career as a guitarist until one day, after being unexpectedly bitten by a radioactive drummer, he began experiencing sudden uncontrollable spells of air drumming.


Finally trading his six string in for drumsticks, Dave has embraced his new identity.


Some of his influences include John Bonham, Keith Moon, Keith Carlock, Nico McBrain, and Animal from The Muppets.


// bass


Originally from the great city of Everett, MA, Chris recently returned to music after a long detour to the banal side of life.


Her heroes include Graham Maby, Tal Wilkenfeld, James Jamerson, Bridget Kearney and Chris Squire, just for starters... 


When not playing music, she's been known to unleash a variety of alter egos including graphic designer, writer, and baker of the world's most perfect biscotti.  

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